Real Estate: músicas sobre morar em pequenas cidades

Publicado por Nadiva Olivier em 11/01/2012 às 12h29

O artigo abaixo fala das músicas do recente álbum da banda Real Estate que lembra a gente de como era bom morar em cidades pequenas e conviver com os vizinhos e amigos.

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It’s no coincidence that the first song on “Days” is a song entitled “Easy.”  I can’t think of a better word to describe Real Estate’s music ? it’s easy-going, it talks of an easy lifestyle, and sounds easily constructed. But there in lies the secret to the band’s success.  On the surface the songs seem pretty basic, but once you actually stop and try to deconstruct their craft you’ll find the intricacies hidden beneath the cheery reverb. They are the NBA equivalent of Tim Duncan, racking up a double double every night, unbeknownst to those watching or playing against him.

The real beauty of this album is found in the lyrics, an homage to small town life.  A common theme in rock and punk songs is the idea of escaping the clutches of small town, but Real Estate go the opposite route, wishing for a return to innocence.  Being a product of a small farm town in Iowa, when I listen to this album I can’t help but think of my younger days in the uncomplicated streets of my hometown, where doors were left unlocked and children were allowed to play after dark without fear of predators in the night. The aptly named “Wonder Years” speaks of the yearning for that same feeling felt with a first love, “Municipality” is a cry out to return to a simpler town, and “Green Aisles” speaks of the endless cruising done by teens up-and-down main street.  In the end, Real Estate make a case for small town living singing “our careless lifestyle, it was not so unwise.”

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